The Worst Nut

December 13, 2012

….. When things are just the worst we must remember that there is a lesson to be learnt at the end of it. We are all eventually to end up with wisdom sprouting from our ears, seeing things clearer and being at peace with the world and our fellow human beings – finding that Dalai Lama that is inside all of us.


Sometimes things are just the worst and that’s that. When things go horribly wrong we get angry or sad or disappointed, or indifferent or cynical or all of them at the same time. It’s inevitable. As much as it is true that we on occasion realise that whatever seemed to be the worst at the time actually proved not so bad, but that hardly supports the idea that rough times are bound to follow with a life-saving lesson.

Events, and especially bad ones, for some reason always appear as isolated events when we look back at them, serving as an eye-opening chapter on our journey, as a time in which we discovered something novel about life, about ourselves – but when did life start serving sample meals? Isn’t life more like a buffet, all there for you to pick and choose whatever you want, to nibble on some and wolf down some when we suddenly happen to pick up that one spring roll that makes us sick as a dog and, well, that’s just unfortunate. Probably, though, that “lesson” have played around with your tastebuds for some time before it gave you the shits. There is usually some sort of pre-symptom of the state you are going to find yourself in, but most of the time we are too damn greedy to acknowledge it.

Does this mean that from now on, we are going to be able to foresee what spring rolls will make us ill? Of course not. We might be a bit less greedy, but we wont stop eating entirely. Perhaps we will simply choose Tex Mex next time. And that’s just life. Not every poo-ey situation will give you a positive come back. They just remain frozen in time as the worst, a proper bad day or happening, from which you’ve successfully moved on from; and what’s so bad about that? There may be lessons along the way, but to me they seem to be implied in life itself and come in all different kinds of shapes and forms, and most importantly; they don’t rain down on us uncompromisingly like blessings every time we need them to, just because things are the worst.

Being wholly bitter is bad. As is cynical. But being altogether positive is just as useless. Shit happens, people leave you, money is scarce, you’ve gained weight and got herpes. Finding someone new, picking up some extra hours, starting working out and going to the doctor is all we can do. Sometimes, a bad spring roll is just a bad spring roll. No fortune cookie in the world can save you.

…. and for all my friends and family out there, you will be (un?)happy to know that my life is not the worst – it is fairly nuts, but just the right amount!





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